About Us

Biplobi Bangladesh is the daily Bengali-language newspaper & Online News Portal in Bangladesh. This portal has started to provide real-time news updates. Latest & breaking news of home and abroad, information technology, entertainment, lifestyle, special reports, politics, economics, culture, education, health, sports, columns, and features are included in it. The strongest panel of Journalists put their hands together to reveal the best out of the facts for the nation. It is one of the most circulated newspapers in Bangladesh. Its editor is Md. Abu Sayed Mia (M.A.). He is a well-known veteran journalist in Bangladesh. News Editor Is Md Mahmudul Hasan.
Biplobi Bangladesh provides the latest news about Bangladesh & World.

Type: Daily Newspaper & Online
Format: Digital, Online newspaper, Broadsheet
Owner(s) : Biplobi Bangladesh Media
Publisher & Editor: Md. Abu Sayed Mia  News Editor: Md Mahmudul Hasan
Political alignment: Independent
Language: Bengali
Website: www.biplobibangladeh.com